What areas of energy efficiency and management are you able to advise upon?

With backgrounds in bioclimatic architecture, renewable energy and engineering, our consultants are able to advise on a variety of energy saving measures, regulatory compliance, and renewable energy technology. 

What type of energy assessments are you accredited to carry out?

Our consultants are fully accredited assessors for a variety of compulsory and non-compulsory standards, including:

  • SAP calculations
  • SBEM calculations
  • Code for Sustainable homes
  • EPCs

Which geographical areas do you cover?

Based in Leicester, we cover a large part of the East and West Midlands but we also have branches in Ghana, West Africa which covers work in Sub Saharan Africa

What is a areas of sustainable development do you cover?

We have significant experience in providiing and delivering solutions for an array of areas under the umbrella of urban and regional development which include:

Built environment, agriculture and rural development, coastline regeneration, renewable energy, community regeneration and development, water purification, social development, forestry management and drainage

What is a Low Carbon Consultant?

Members of a specialist register within the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), Low Carbon Consultants are professionals qualified to best reduce the energy use and carbon footprint of a building – by looking at its initial design, and/or its day-to-day operation. Their expertise ensures that the energy performance of both new and existing buildings will not just meet, but exceed, the demands of the Building Regulations Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power).

Can you advise us on retrofitting renewables to our building?

Yes – and as independent professionals, with no vested interest in a particular product or its installation, we can give you an unbiased evaluation of which renewable energy sources would represent the best option. Taking into account Government-backed tariffs which bring in a guaranteed income for 20-25 years, simply for installing renewables, we can provide you with an accurately projected idea of payback period and return on investment.

What is the benefit of having an energy survey done on our existing premises?

By evaluating the current energy performance of your building – including systems, plant, maintenance and occupant behaviour – we can draw up a list of recommendations that will reduce consumption and increase efficiency. This cost-cutting exercise can typically save between 15 and 20% on your energy bills, without a significant financial outlay or a negative impact on comfort levels.

How much does an energy survey cost?

This will depend on a variety of factors, but we are very affordable compared to many other energy consultants because of the way we work, and it’s highly likely that our fee will be offset by the savings you will make. Please call us on 07517 946 883 or 07517 946 884 for an informal chat about your needs and how we can meet them. Alternatively, why not email us?

Do you work with other architects and designers?

Because of our specialist background, we understand the specific requirements of architects. We have significant experience of working in an outsourced capacity on a variety of projects, both new build and refurb, and our consultants are practised in the crucial art of teamwork. We can offer an integrated solution – including our bespoke software which enables us to speedily model different solutions during consultations – which can help ensure that your pre and post planning stages run smoothly and to time as well as budget, and support you in exceeding your customer’s expectations.

Do you offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for architects and developers?

We have developed our own CPD programme, designed especially to meet the needs of architects and developers. With topics from Part L to the Code for Sustainable Homes, we can equip you with the knowledge to tackle the ever-changing legislative landscape. For more information, and to discuss your firm’s particular needs, please call us on 07517 946 883 or 07517 946 884 or email us.

Do you work with developers?

With our architecture training, experience in renewable energy, engineering, Code for Sustainable Homes and EcoHomes knowledge, we are ideally placed to benefit developers with our specialist low energy buildings knowledge. Working on either a project or consultancy basis, we can help developers in both commercial and residential sectors to deliver cost-effective solutions to energy and building regulation compliance, as well as creating buildings which boast lower running and maintenance costs, while providing a comfortable and healthy environment for its occupants.

Do you work with public sector bodies in a global context?

We are the ideal choice for working with public sector bodies and other energy and design professionals on a global scale since we’re in possession of a wide range of accreditations (including BREEAM, SAP, SBEM, Code for Sustainable Homes and EPCs) and have in-depth knowledge of global legislations, targets, and the appliation of bioclimatic design based on local climatography and vernacular architectural principles. Our work is recommended by our Local Authority and the Environment Agency amongst other foreign government agencies. In these lean economic times, when manpower and budgets are stretched, many clients are looking for a one-stop-shop service. Based outside London and in Ghana; and structured around the demands of urban and regional developmental projects, we can offer an efficient and cost-effective way of helping partner companies, authorities and foreign governments to expand their remit.

At what stage of our project should we get Kaytek Dimensions involved?

We can be asked to contribute at any point in the project timeline – but we would suggest that the earlier we are brought in, the more useful we can be when it comes to meeting targets and keeping both the client and the planning authority happy. It’s also worth bearing in mind that it’s when carbon-footprint-lowering measures, such as renewables, aren’t specified from the outset that costs begin to rise unnecessarily. It’s more efficient, and cost-effective, to work in a collaborative way with specialists – such as ourselves – right from the start.

We’re not exactly sure what we need for compliance under the energy legislation, are you able to advise on this?

Yes of course, we’re more than happy to walk our clients through the legislation which applies to their particular situation, and advise on the action that must be taken in order to satisfy its requirements. The easiest thing is to give us a call on 07517 946 883 or 07517 946 884 to discuss in more detail – we can then work with you to define the required scope, whilst explaining the processes and timescales involved, and provide you with competitive quotation for the works.

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