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Practice Profile: Kaytek Dimensions is a unique, global multi-disciplinary Development Consultancy practice, which combines expertise in green architecture, urban master planning and design, value engineering, renewable energy, climate change adaptation and mitigation, urban regeneration, design and build, acquisitions, design and project management, modern methods of construction (MMC) and health & safety;  to develop resource-efficient buildings in people-centered environments that create successful, vibrant, self-sufficient, multi-cultural, resilient, inclusive and cohesive communities (Sustainable Communities).

Designing with climate

The adaptation of buildings to the climate of the environment has been a continuous problem since the beginning of mankind. 


Vitruvius' recognition of its importance is echoed by Le Corbusier


"The symphony of climate has not been fully understood. The sun differs along the curvature of the meridian, its intensity varies on the crust of the earth according to its incidence. In this play many conditions are created, which await adequate solutions. It is at this point that an authentic regionalism has its rightful place."


Our design principles are informed by climatography, local culture and materials; presented with modern technology



Experiencing the interaction between man, the environment and architecture in the new emerging habitats is the driving principle of our business.


We focus on engaging the needs, aspirations, thoughts and input of our clients throughout the entire feasibility and preliminary design phases of each project to create solutions that exceed the requirements of each brief.


Our target is to maximise quality and sustainability in design and development that exceeds the aesthetic, functional and economic requirements; thus improving resilience, value and return on investments.



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